X – Rays

This was a promenade installation made with Spennymoor Comprehensive school and sitied over the school summer holidays for a a number of weeks. I collaborated with a number of artists including Stephen Livingstone the art teacher and Simon Northrop a video artist and Amanda Beech an installation artist. I worked in the school for a couple of months as part of a residency. Various classes in the school were assigned a class room or area to work on and to create an installation for.

One of the most popular spaces was the toilets, where a sculptural object and a video performance was sitied. There were many print works including steel boxes with the pupils heads going up the stairs with audio recordings to encourage an audience to follow the audio to lead them to the next install.

We took images from the school yearbook, and blew them up to life size and situated them at the ends of the corridors as light boxes. With them were recordings we made of expupils featured in the images who we took around the school and encourage to talk about their memories

There were plaster prints on desks of the students, as if they were shrouds, or the bodies of Romeo and Julliet.

We were also interested in opening up atmospheric seldom seen spaces such as the Electric cupboard.

The theme was to get inside the school, to almost x-ray the school experience. A kind of humorous image for this that greeted the visitors was an X-Ray we took of a school blazer with objects in it related to school.

There were many installations, audio, and video and print and performance.

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