WP 6 (a) R+T video of them playing

I feel with this work getting the actual video of it, is part of the growing aesthetic of the work. It is too document it for myself so I can see how it happens, but growing interested in how this work transfers to another medium. It is an experience for those within but feel it has the potential to become a visual artwork after the fact. In some way it is trying to create a choreography and a spoken word performance. It was exciting to have two cameras for this, and at some point a third as some is filmed on my phone. It is hard to document all the aspects of the work in one linear edit. I feel the reflection is important, but is hard to capture, I feel that the person seeing their reflection, in the shot is what I am after. This is a hard shot to get. Maybe a top down shot as well will help to show the positioning of the person in the mirror. This work I feel brings to the fore the notion of location, and it’s transformation. The world is altered in the mirror to realise the text on the body. So it needs a number of angles. I want to be in close to see the text on the body, I want to somehow get the person moving and I want to capture the mirror reflection, while also in some way capturing the faces of the particpants. I found with this edit, I wanted to speed up the idea of the placing of the text. So it hard cuts every-time a line is placed, and between the two cameras, to create some kind of rhythm. This cuts up the audio around it, lots of hmmms. Normally such an edit approach would be too a beat. After that it is real time, so then it is more like covering a sports event or dance.