The Trolley Dance


Part of the focus for these works are that when I started speaking to this age group, they often expressed their anger at feeling invisible and partaking of these works allowed them to become visible out on the streets.

The trolley dance

What is going on here then. I made this with the Gold group in Darlington. It is  a good example of the Epic in the Everyday and I feel one of the more successful works I have made. The trolleys actually assist the participants in their movements. I filmed it in a very short time and there was only one rehearsal beforehand. I managed to get a cherry picker from the council which allowed us to get the high crane shots.

It can be hard trying to find a form to express the energy within this age group. To make a work that glorifies them without demeaning them. Also there is all the ehalth and safety considerations and not pushing them beyond their limits, but finding ways to make what they do exciting to a viewer and to make them feel proud of their achievement.