One Note Band

One Note Band

These works were designed to allow non players to gain access to the experience of being part of an orchestral experience.  These works though are often virtual in that often the players involved never meet each other. These works are all new compositions, especially designed to allow this kind of input by non players. Often the people invovled in these works only have 10 or 20 minutes to spare. It is a good way of getting lots of people invovled in a work without being too intense about the level of their involvement.This was filmed in a church in Byker. It is a very evocative space, but pretty run down at the moment. The players here were all drawn form the local community. There are allot of  characters here. We set up tea and biscuits and then people came in for ten or twenty minutes and were shown how to play a note on each instrument. People watched and had a biscuit while they waited for their turn. The editing of this was really really hard and took a very long time and I would advice anyone out there to avoid doing anything like this.

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