Undercover Orchestra

Undercover Orchestra

I liked the new bus station and had had an idea about doing Bolero with a kind of flash mob orchestra and it all just seemed to come together. This was made with composer conductor Andy Jackson and players form the Cobwebs orchestra. Bolero is great for a steady accumulation of instruments. I also wanted a flow to it, that the space was great for, almost a marching orchestra. It seemed to set a bit of a trend as there are now a number of Bolero flash mob works onlilne. It was a kind of counter argument to Musak that pervades out lives, but also it is about digesis, seeing the creation of the music in the filmed frame. The idea came from Mel Brooks Blazing saddles, when the cowboy is riding in the dessert,w e hear the stirring music and then he trots past a real orchestra.  It is a great frame break. Here is a link to an interesting article that includes this work and an interview with Andy Jackson who co created the work with me by NPR about classical music on the streets: Out of the concert Hall

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