Wordplay 7 (b)- 23rd Feb 2018 Newbridge Foyer – Video Edits.

Am trying it with two different soundtracks. On Emma and Amy’s one using a slow staccato piece, that plays thought eh whole thing. For Mick and Amy’s a mock tango work, only on the placing bit, as feel their readings are strong as they are.

I am finding in the edit, that It is very dancerly the placing part, and in some way visually more powerful than the reading part. Though the placing of the text definitely forces them to move around a great deal. Especially text on the back, I find the length of the strip means it often needs to be read in two parts, from different sides.
One of the aspects that seem best is that you are given the sentences to put on the body of the other. This seems to surprise people. Now watching it back I wonder if I should return or at least have a go with the idea of the other person providing the reflection in some way. What is optimum mirror size. They are more separate now in the saying than I like
Emma and Amy really placed the text on each other very fast and quickly
Amy put the text onto Emma’s bag which was nice, interesting. Could it be with public that they can place text on bags etc they have with. Then it becomes a comment on logos more.
While editing and watching footage of Emma and Amy I did notice this problem where the last few seem pretty easy to find and say.

The music I find does make it more dancelike and choreographic their moves, I am using a conjunctive track for both that work with the visuals
The mirror seems to be really working in the one with Mick and Emma, and Mick is kind of funny. Got to be careful though and not make him look foolish in the video. The mirror works when in close with camera and moving around them, but also at the end of Mick and Amy’s piece when I am back and static. The mirror an the moves seem to hold the space.
Mick’s personality really comes forwards in the he snippets between the saying of the lines.