Video Reality

Participant being lead through VR

A fun low-fi version of virtual reality that can be done anywhere, inside or outside by any ages and made by a group of people very quickly. So far have only shown it once in a community setting, but hope to explore developing it into more of a performative structured work.

A short film of about 2 mins is shot with a point of view shot, always moving forwards and with the camerman’s hand in the viewfinder so it can be seen in frame. The camera films moving between a number of locations and in the environments touches objects and people.

Example of film they are seeing

For the performance, you can have one or more cameras playing. People either watch or participate. You have 2 people per camera. They are equiped with times and objects to replicate what is in the shot video. A member of the audience then comes into the world. They are given a camera and are asked to watch back the film through the camera, they are also asked to say what they see and to follow the shots, which includes walking forwards. They also put their left hand before them, they then have to also do whatever the left hand in the video does with theirs, like touching people opening doors etc. Then the performers steer the person through the video, and provide the sensation they meet. This becomes a kind of dance for the watching audience.