Undone by our shoelaces

Laces make words

This work was made with students from Newcastle college. In the work the performers have their shoelaces laced into one letter per shoe. They then move in groups placing their feet before the camera to create words. I wanted to make a work that looked at text and image. I also wanted to make a work that was performative and could work as a live performance and relied on little or no post production work. Originally I wanted to use a bukowsk poem called shoelace, but soon realised with repeating letters etc to do a work not specific to the form would take allot more people than I had. So I wrote a small piece that was steadily editied down with the performers till it worked for the number of shoes we had. I think the letters work because they are only altering something we already wear rather than imposing and creating something artificial that would be added afterwards. I filmed it in Central arcade which is a really nice looking place and has great tiles, which is the main focus after the shoes of the work.

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