This was an installation I made when I was artist in resident in Spennymoor. For a while it seemed the Spennymoor was the center of the world with Blair being PM etc. In Spennymoor there is a band stand that isn’t used because it is too small to fit the band into, I decided to use that to create a symphony work with composer Andy Jackson and the Cobweb’s called Spennyopolis. We filmed the players separatly in the band stand and then edited them together to make the work,  so an orchestra could fit into the band stand. Also it was once more epic int he everyday to make a big symphonic score about a small town, as normally they are made about cities. The final work was installed in the Bowes Museum. The video was projected and the sound came out of a number of different speakers, each speaker a different instrument, so you mixed the sound depending where you were in the space, and the speakers were huge and they stood on massive podiums. There were also lockers put in a circle with a print on of a group of kids we squeezed into the band stand, so kind of inverting the band stand space. And above it all was a print onto plaster of the local politicians as cherubs who were looking down on ‘Spennyopolis’. It was all kind of mock spectacle, almost hyper real as Umberto Eco would write in his travels in hyper reality, more than the real Spennymoor, it hoped to replace the real spennymoor.