Sign Language Duel

So decided to try  gameful elements in participatory artworks, and examining game design mechanics and Huizinga’s Magic Circle as a tool to achieve this. Anyway first work, it will be played at Darlington festival of innovation on the 23rd of Sep. It’s a reworking of Paper scissors stone, using sing language, new elements, and large mech hands.







(Sign Language) DUEL
The Moves – The Elements – The Interactions
This game artwork research is a reconfiguration of the Paper Scissors Stone game. Same rules, new combinations, and the use of sign language to actualise the elements. To make you aware of the moves involved that you can undertake, here is a list and examples of the combinations that make up the various different levels of the game. You can play through them all with an opponent, or you can choose any of the various five levels to play that you feel comfortable performing. The enlarged Mech hand, you wear, is known as the Power hand.