RPS 2 – Developing new game components.

March 2017

Reading through Mary Flanagan I see she wrote on pervasive gaming and seems interested in paper scissors stone as a structure. Researching online I found a version where you have to use your whole body, that is a popular ice breaker,

ICEBREAKER – Full Body Rock, Paper, Scissors from Compassion HR Learning Services on Vimeo.

so could fit with the way I am going with it.

Some other existing elements in folk tradition I have come upon are:

supernatural fox called a kitsune (狐) defeats the village head, the village head (庄屋) defeats the hunter, and the hunter (猟師) defeats the fox
In “Mushi-ken” the “frog” (represented by the thumb) is superseded by the “slug” (represented by the little finger), which, in turn is superseded by the “snake” (represented by the index finger), which is superseded by the “frog”
cavalry being strong against archers, archers being strong against pikemen, and pikemen being strong against cavalry
In Malaysia, “scissors” becomes “bird, and then there is water an still a stone. Bird beats water (by drinking it); stone beats bird (by hitting it); and stone loses to water (because it sinks in it).
Bear, Hunter, Ninja”.[77] here participants stand back-to-back and at the count of three (or ro-sham-bo) turn around facing each other using their arms Hunter shoots bear; Bear eats ninja; Ninja kills hunter
Bull drinks the well Dry – Bull is pierced by the Matador – The Matador falls into the well


Came across a version online that has 100 different elements that you can choose from in the game to use. It is a bit of a mathematical marvel, and an interesting artwork. But reminds me about the balance between the visual artwork of the action and the apparatus and the playability. This is unplayable in some sense, and want to keep the immediacy of the game. So will keep it to 3 elements, but to give me a chance to expand the repertoire will perhaps have a number of rounds each 3 but different in nature that people can progress though when playing.
I have tried a few new elements, but finding them unsatisfactory, at moment just working on the nouns, the components without moves as feel worried about the movement side.
Felt like I finally have got somewhere after today with Chris. I felt the paper stones variation was a weak concept and that you didn’t get much knowledge from playing it and my variations didn’t come too much. Anyway I had been thinking to use some existing movement structure so it has some kind of meaningful gamefulness outside of the game. So a notion of gamification. I started first with Ti Chi moves, but then thought sign language. I had thought this before but this time it seemed right. Maybe the giant hands is a bit like shouting the words. I would have to find one handed ones to do, and the hand makes it harder to do some, so they act as part of the obstacle. With sign language gestures, it gives us a context to measure how well they do it, and how it is perceived. So now will research sign language. Today came up with Elephant – mouse – bird.