RPS – 5 – Testing in public space

Untitledalley1alley 2

I decided to try it outside, and felt that the hands did make a visual impact and took the play experience outside of the environment. I first tried it in the garage space and then I tried it I outside of the studio space in the back yard, so wanted to see how it effected urban space. Though no watching crowd, it felt a bit like a brawl as in the idea that you go outside.

Duel or Duet -dino vs bird vs comet from anton hecht on Vimeo.

We finished the sign with the various elements on, that people can look at, so it gives them a choice in what they choose. I found it did help me remember the signs, and it was visually helpful in generating the idea of the circle space in the area we were. I felt this was at times a subversion of the game mechanics for PRS. We often did the same sign, and it felt exciting when it was a sign like the elephant where you reach in front of each other, it had kind of choreographic, dancerly.

alley-fire,oil,water from anton hecht on Vimeo.

I did find myself as I played, trying to hope that the next one would be an even more elaborate sign to achieve, and that rather than beating the opponent I did start to want to make the most aesthetic image with the hand. Is it more duet than duel?

alley-apple,pumpkin,lemon from anton hecht on Vimeo.

Afterwards looking back at what we had done, I began thinking maybe need to look at shouting out the elements, and then saying how one beats each other. So making more of the connecting action between the signs which is where the drama of the game is, the role play element.

Duel or Duet – mouse,elephant,snake from anton hecht on Vimeo.