Progression W.P. 4 ( in public space)

RULES The lines are divided up, odds and evens between the two players, who then place them all on each other at the start of the round. So each person is covered by all the lines. Then each person takes it in turn to read their line in. So the structure is turn based changing after each reading till the lines are completed. The line order is found by numbers printed out ont he sentence components, that each call out before reading.

Decided to try this out in a public location. This is with the increased font size and using Impact which seems the best font for the job as it is the tightest with the most height. This with colours does bring the text more to the fore on the clothing, also as all the sentences are placed before the game begins, you do get a decent aesthetic covering. Using double sided tape which seems more secure than pads. The mirror is smaller than the full length, and that actually creates more movement I have discovered, so there must be an optimal size that allows the text to be deciphered, but create the most movement for that revelation. So there is a connection between the size of the mirror and the amount of movement. Putting text upside down also creates more movement, though there has to be an agreed limit on how difficult it is to achieve. I tried a really small hand mirror, but that was no good, and in the end it didn’t really reflect the text enough.


I made some A3 text lines, but they proved too long. So keep to A4 size, but take high the font size. The reaction from myself and from Murray and Chris was that it was more fun to play. Murray commented that it felt like you were playing together and against each other at the same time. So now the rules are the text is split, odds and evens, the numbers on the line (though am now going to put numbers both ends) then each person puts all their lines on the other person/opponent/collaborator/participant. Then you have a few seconds to have a look at where they are placed. Then you start to read them out, taking turns, 1-2 and in this case up to 24.

The actual goal is firm, to get to the end. though the idea of an actual winner is kind of undefined. So the Lusory attitude is defined with set obstacles to task completion, but the actual winner is up for negotiation. There is also negotiation around where the text is placed and the difficulty of revelation.


Wordplay alley trial 4 8th Jan 2018 from anton hecht on Vimeo.

Then to place myself outside of the game, and to gain vantage on how it looks played by others Murray and Chris had a go at it.

murchrismasteralleywords from anton hecht on Vimeo.