Progress: W.P. 5 24th January, new rule structure

RULES: Half the text is given to one player, half ot the other, this is in order, so one gets lines 1-10 the other lines 11-20. Then they stick all their lines onto the other person. There is a short minute where the person checks over the lines on their body. Then they it is the first person to find all their lines, and say them that wins.

Outdoors again, and in the alley, but further along, more public, and felt I began to get the strength of the reflection in the mirror this time. Also after reading Aki’s dissertation and the strength of goals, decided to give the thing a strong end goal. The rule set, one monologue, from Mid-Summer nights dream , divided between two. This seemed to be better understood, when placing the text, as I felt Chirs seemed more devious about the placing. Then basically the first to finish their sentences, find them all and say them win. So the goal is clear and set. I was going to use two mirrors but here decided to use the one mirror. This was good as meant that you kind of competed for the mirror. Also, there was no feeling like you were playing together, but that you were competing against each other. I did find myself getting competitive and a little flummoxed, about where the numbers were. I liked the fact that Murray was filming actually pointed out where the number was, so this meant that I could find it, but added the idea of onlookers perhaps helping those playing the game experience. This seems a lot more fun and challenging and like a real game. I also found myself acting up and blocking Chris’s view of the mirror. This does though kind of destroy the whole idea of the text being said, or does it, is it more about blending and cutting up the text, a bit like Burroughs cut up text technique, and fitting a bit into collage and bricolage. Hmm, not sure. Though the mirror, begins to become like the ball in football, the game mechanic is about owning the mirror, as in controlling the ball, but you want to get in front of the mirror and use it the most, maybe by obscuring the other person. Watching it back, I am hopeless, but there is a great deal of movement, I think now I can prove the worth of this by getting people to play it. I think it is becoming cut up and like the alley aesthetic. The difference between an interface and a component. Now see the text patches as components of the game, and the mirror the interface. In that the text are game component, and the mirror is the interface! Is this structure like a deck of cards in some way and there are a number of games that can be played?DSC08009DSC08011DSC08014DSC08040DSC08034DSC08021DSC08032

Sequence 02_3 from anton hecht on Vimeo.