Progress: I.D.M.H. – 2 – Chris and Murray studio, first try. September 9th

C0015T01C0039T01C0038T01C0018T01C0024T01I discovered many things as I tried to recreate the handshakes that I had researched from the internet. First my print outs are useless as tools to pass on the moves, and the gifs are better. Though Handshakes are really really hard to learn even with gifs. Also, a bit of an unfulfilling challenge as they build and get complex. I tried to recreate them with Chris, and then I tried do more than one, so using the mechanics of memory. I found that the speed of the handshakes makes it very hard to interpret many of the up-close ones, so will have to slow it down. I also began to condense the ones I had collected, using only parts of them. As they were too long and some moves repetitive. I tried it also by stepping through the gifs watching them a frame by a frame on the laptop, and this made me think about screens on hats showing shakes. though I haven’t got any actual hats yet. It def needs a visual aid – display! Maybe should look more at sourcing individual gestures Maybe like teacher where group have one each individually must learn. Is it more interesting to change constantly people? Though more competitive teams? Feel telegram Chinese whispers a weak game mechanic after what I have done today. What is the actual game mechanic, is the handshake the element. Must not forget the main principle which is the Circle, and crossing the threshold. It felt a bit unrewarding, and hard to master, the feeling of doing it was a bit sour. It should be more enjoyable than this, with some sense of accomplishment. I also though about ways other than gifs to describe the handshakes to participants, flip-books perhaps?

We try a combination of the handshakes from anton hecht on Vimeo.