MA: (3) 4th March 2018 – Wearing the Score


So ordered some cardboard sheets, and with a bit of help, put the score onto the sheets, made some little straps so it can be worn. Now looking at them glad I went for A0, as I think better as full body suit than A1. There is something Bauhaus about it I feel, the kind of blocky costume feel, it also reminds me of the New Order music video.

I did one with the Guidonian hand which I thought was the best design wise, but lacked really oomph in the final work. It will be interesting to see if applying gameful principles can create a work with visual impact that is enjoyable to be in. Also how it effect the area around. SO is this use of the score, an interface, or a component. Is it an affordance prop, that leads you inot the game. Is it a seductive force to get people to join in. Does it help to create visual impact. Will the music create audio impact and how will that effect the space.