Comparing the handshake interpretations

Put together a video wall to see how the various interpretations of the handshakes sourced online look when put side by side with the originals. This effect is interesting, the aesthetic is busy, and the tilling effect gives an impression of a collection and allows a dynamic that is beyond the individual images. Also it presents a notion of judgement as you see my attempts to recreate the handshakes. It fits in with the idea of Emergence as a Game/Art mechanic. I am feeling a new Game/art mechanic to add which is Accumulation in participatory works. Perhaps a mechanic that is particular to artworks with gameful elements, as it kind of builds out of the idea of traces in time based work but spread amongst many people rather than a single artist. Thinking in relation to works such as Ondak,’Measuring the Universe’ where people contribute marks to the artwork and these marks create the artwork, this is a construct in a number of participatory artworks, and goes back to art groups such as Gutai and the work ‘please draw freely’ which was a large canvas in a park in the 60s in Japan that the public were asked to make marks on. Guati Beginning to think, that maybe it is about collect many handshakes, they are associated with achievement as well, so maybe donating handshakes for people to do for small achievements, and the video wall is the circle. Though how would that affect space. Unless it was accumulated over time in one location. So video wall projection, go around and get handshakes that we put into the wall. Accumulation!

About antonhecht

An artist who works collaboratively across mediums
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