(undercover) festival of flip books

Now running at Darlington library till he 30th November. 13 artists have created flip animations in 13 books on the library shelves for people to find. The work was funded by Creative Darlington and Arts council England

If you go down to Darlington Library you will see (Undercover) flipbooks from antonhecht on Vimeo.

the participants and books are


ARTISTS Authors Title

Chris Folwell Jared Diamond Guns Germs and Steel

Michael Davies Patrick Suskind The Pigeon  

Thom Sansom Stephen King Cujo

Emma Inglis Vanessa Diffenbaugh The Language of Flowers

Tim Burrough D’arcy Thompson On Growth and Form

Hollie Lisle johannes schlaf frühling

Kimberly Bevan Uncle James Sketchbook

Joseph White Graham Greene The Third Man

Kate Sweeny Richard Francis Ann the Word


Mark Hughes J R R Tolkien The Hobbit

Katie Chappel Hans christian anderson Collected Works

Betahn laker Roald Dhal George’s Marvellous Medicine

Josie Brookes Lewis Caroll Alice in Wonderland


About antonhecht

An artist who works collaboratively across mediums
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