Best Subreddits for your work (deeper into subreddits)

Hi, so sorting where on Reddit to post your work, is exciting and confusing at times. Some sub reddits have sharing possibilities, so for instance, there is Art and Video and Filmamkers and Illustration, these are good subreddits for drawn works, or video works, or works that document your practice…into these subreddits I will add Animation and stop motion if you feel you work fits. Does you work have a soundtrack, and if so does it have a particular focus, if so then there is Classical Music, or many instrument sub reddits, like piano etc. Is your work outrageous to the general public, if so then there is WTF or is your work very intricate or could be described as trippy, then there is WoahDude and Woahtube. Does your work to the general public come across as perhaps scary etc, then their is Creepy sub reddit. Is your work positive, or life affirming, then there is Make Me Smile and Uplifting news. So these are some reddits to which you can post your work, maybe to one, maybe more than one, jsut to get people started.


About antonhecht

An artist who works collaboratively across mediums
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