Nice article in Journal about the Flipbooks  

Nice article in Journal about the Flipbooks

Flip book artwork to be displayed on Gateshead library tour

Local artist Hollie Lisle with one of the flip books

Local artist Hollie Lisle with one of the flip books

ARTISTS are giving readers a visual treat in a series of flip books that are being stashed around libraries.

Anton Hecht and a team of artists have created hand-drawn animations that all take inspiration from the books that they are displayed in.

And the 12 books can be seen in libraries in Gateshead as part of an interactive exhibition.

The display is now at Gateshead Central Library and will be making its way to Leam Lane library and Crawcrook Library later this month.

Mr Hecht, who is also a filmmaker, said: “The public seem to really like it. The exhibition is quite interactive and visitors to it have to find the books around the library and then look for the images in the book.

“Some like to just look at the individual images as well as using it as a flip book.

“All the artists involved have created the books differently, which is really effective.”

Flip book exhibition at Gateshead Central Library

The drawings have been created in existing books in the library and each of the drawings relate to the book that they are displayed in.

The flip books are located among library books and are identifiable with the Book Art logo and bookmark.

Full-time mum Hollie Lisle, of Heaton, Newcastle, is one of the artists who is involved in the project.

She created the drawings found in Arthur Quiller-Couch’s Burning Gold.

Hollie, 27, said: “I have never done anything like this before. It was a really time-consuming project but I really enjoyed it. It was great to work alongside other artists and everyone is really happy with the exhibition.

“It’s really good to see our work displayed in the libraries.”

Other books that are included in the exhibition include Laura Sheldon’s The Jungle Book, Holes by Louis Sachar and The Principles of Art by RG Collingwood.

Gateshead Council’s cabinet member for culture, Coun Linda Green, said: “This is a fantastic concept.

“It brings together the worlds of art and literature, and demonstrates the breadth of activities that are taking place in libraries.

“Browsers will discover works of art hidden on the library shelves; and in seeking out these books, people will delve into books they had never previously considered.”

The exhibition will be on display at Gateshead Central Library until Saturday, June 8.

It will then move to Leam Lane Library until Thursday, June 13, and then will head to Crawcrook Library until Thursday, June 20.

Mr Hecht was also known for a film he created to mark Newcastle Grainger Market’s 175th birthday.

The film featured stallholders from various different concessions in the Victorian market putting on a show to the music from Rossini’s Barber of Seville.

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