The Avengers box office

What is it about box office figures and why have I become obsessed with how many millions the Avengers earn. This interest is divorced from the film itself. The box office has become like a science now, with numerous sites giving daily updates. When I was a kid, it was always of interest to know who is number one, but why now this interest in the exact dollar figures a movie is making. It is exciting to see records fall. But what are these records, purely monetary, are we as interested in the takings of some oil producer, or if BP has a bumper year. There seems a cultural capital now in the box office. The thing is I will probably never see the film, but still the idea of a film opening to such a larger amount is kind of exciting. Though is it exciting in the same way that a new IPAD is exciting. Are people really just excited about the marketing, as much as the product.


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